Sunday, April 1, 2007


Would you rather have your dreams die
Before your brain cells do,
Or prefer it the other way around?
Maybe it depends on which dreams
Or which brain cells we're talking about.
And since we only use about
6 percent of our brain cells
In an average lifetime (or so I've heard),
That means about 94 percent
Of one's brain is expendable.
But some of us use 100 percent
Of our dreams, and then
In an average lifetime we make
About 6 percent of them come true.
That must mean about 94 percent
Of one's dreams are expendable,
And that's a lot of death
To witness in an average lifetime.
And so, some decide they'd rather
Have the brain cells go first,
And they spend a lot of time and money
Racing to kill them off.
But in an average lifetime,
The best that they can hope for is a tie.

Copyright 2007, by Jon Gregory. Actually written in January 2000.

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